Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sugar and Spice

I love the contrast between the roles I play (as an actress) and the pieces I make for my shop ...

Im currently playing an assassin ... 

more guns ... geese!

big dead men ...

On the contrast Spring has me felling happy and romantic 

.... and then I have to ask myself .... what is wrong with my cat ???

I think Hes playing a vampire :)


  1. Great contrast, love it. And that's the coolest kitty ever. :)

  2. Definitely dual roles! I love the romantic headbands. :) That cat cracks me up!

  3. oh Monkey (my cat is a vampire LOL

  4. What a cool life! I can already see both characters in you...the sugar and the spice ;-) ;-)

  5. You look incredibly cool as an assassin!!!
    I wish you get your dream role!!!
    And your kitty has a cute white bow tie just like my black one:)
    Very scary vampire, btw:)