Tuesday, September 13, 2011



(I picked 2 I got so excited)

~ Julie DeGroot

~ Erica (Caustic Threads)


Id like to thank everyone for entering and offer you all %20 off any item in my shop to say thank you ~  Just use the coupon code "Butterflies" at checkout!

Thanks again guys .. I'll have another giveaway soon :)

xo TJ

Monday, September 12, 2011

Iv been away for work and play

yes it seems as though im rhyming now :)  
So I have been away for the summer ... working on the set of two TV series and traveling in between with my family!  Had a wonderful time playing make believe and explorer, but now I am back and full of inspiration for my shop ... here is a few pics of my adventure 

ahhhhh yes ... of course you always see a woman in a bath towel with a hand gun ... quite common, or at least it is in TV land  hehe

and thats me again with a gun and Gene Simmons of Kiss wife Shannon Tweed, and might I add she is super cool and funny and down to earth!!

miss Shannon Tweed aka Gene Simmons wifey

my daughter and I enjoying the finer things in life ... 

yes mittens in summer :)

good food ...

and more good food ...

and my passion for photography ... 

I love looking close up at bugs!  so wild :)

daughter and hubby at sunset!

so onto autumn and all the fun things that will come!!!!

xo TJ