Monday, September 12, 2011

Iv been away for work and play

yes it seems as though im rhyming now :)  
So I have been away for the summer ... working on the set of two TV series and traveling in between with my family!  Had a wonderful time playing make believe and explorer, but now I am back and full of inspiration for my shop ... here is a few pics of my adventure 

ahhhhh yes ... of course you always see a woman in a bath towel with a hand gun ... quite common, or at least it is in TV land  hehe

and thats me again with a gun and Gene Simmons of Kiss wife Shannon Tweed, and might I add she is super cool and funny and down to earth!!

miss Shannon Tweed aka Gene Simmons wifey

my daughter and I enjoying the finer things in life ... 

yes mittens in summer :)

good food ...

and more good food ...

and my passion for photography ... 

I love looking close up at bugs!  so wild :)

daughter and hubby at sunset!

so onto autumn and all the fun things that will come!!!!

xo TJ


  1. Wow, I did not know you work on TV sets! It must be exciting :) Your photogpraphy passion rocks! Your pics are wonderful!

  2. yeah, Im an actor ... love hate situation haha ... photography is my newest passion ... it calms me :) plus it helps me connect with nature, its amazing what you can see through a lens.

  3. I love actors! It is a hard profession though. My uncle (Holmes Osborne) is an actor and I hear the stories, bad and good. Thanks for liking my Halloween hat. xxoo

  4. yep, being an actor is amazing and horrible hehe .... but it all worth it! Loooove your cool witch hat!!!! :)

  5. What fun! Your daughter is beautiful just like you!