Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 2 in Montreal .. More Vintage Finds and Mocap Craziness

Well its week 2 in Montreal .. Lucky for me Iv had a chance to return home for a few dayz and unload all my finds.  My carry was packed.  

The hotel Im staying at is this super cool boutique joint packed with crazy vintage fun.  I have a feeling thats fueling my hunt.
This is a shot from my hotel .... yes thats a huge black marble horse lamp ?!... 

Mocap (Motion Capture) picture of the week .... recap:  Im playing a Polish sniper for a new Ubisoft video game ... this was fun times, 2 hours with electrical tape covering my mouth  being tortured by 'bad guys'

Vintge Hunt ...  I'v found lots of beautiful vintage and antique treasures .. but Im super excited about this ... antique fabric .... !!

Antique Tulle .... oh my gosh! Pink, Blue .... GREEEEEN! 


Antique Lace ...
All is fine and well, beautiful fabrics, enchanting and romantic , as i sit in my hotel room looking down at yards and yards or prettiness ... i wonder, what the hell am i going to do with it?!  Am I really creative enough to make something wonderful out of this?!  Can I somehow arrange this on my head to become a pretty hair accessory?!  I don't know, but Ill have fun trying :)

ahhh ... the most gigantic bottle of Dom Perignon ever  ..
this is how actors are paid for being gagged and bound all day ~
sounds good to me :)

today I'm loving this song ....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vintage Treasure Hunt in Montreal a Success! :)

As Martha Stewart would say ... good things ...

It was a cold (cooooooold) sunny day in Montreal ... Walking the streets I could feel my toes going numb beneath me (where were my Sorels?)  but I was determined to reach the vintage shops I had set out to find ... and it was well worth it!

YESSSSS, antique heart lockets and a pearl hat pin ...
So first I'm wondering why the lady who owned this locket has 2 men's pics in her heart (maybe 1 is dad)
Second ... doesn't the guy on in the sepia pic look like Christian Bale (the actor) ..hmm lucky lady :)

Onyx, filigree & Czechoslovakia crystal ... check out the detail in the glass pendant very art deco

Ahhhh Amethyst

pearls and gloves ... reminds me of  Breakfast at Tiffany's


...and this is just the start up, guy stuff.  A fellow actor I was shooting my Mocap film with was treasure hunting with me and he bought some seriously cool vintage dood jewels!! 
... to be continued!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Day of Filming Mocap in Montreal ...

From Flower Crowns to Machine Guns ... :)

Shiny Happy People :)

Oh the drama "I'll field dress her like a deer" ... lovely!

Cool Outfits!!!  Hope I can take this home lol ...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In Montreal for Work and Play

Or should I say play and play … I’m off to Montreal to film a Mocap video game for UBIsoft. Mocap is short for Motion Capture .. it’s the same tech used in the movie Avitar where your body is loaded with sensors and your every movement, including facial expressions is ‘recorded’ onto a computer … You are then made into a Mocap character … in my case a Polish Sniper named Keisha who is out to get the bad guys and save the world…. All in a days work. 

I’m excited about the Mocap sessions but I’m also excited to go treasure hunting in Montreal. Iv been dying to get my hands on some vintage lockets … and Iv heard Montreal is packed with amazing vintage shops! So its Polish Assassin by day … vintage locket (and then some) hunter by night!!!!

I found a great red wine, compliments of Porter Airline. Jackson Triggs, not top of the line, but Oh so good, even at 2:30 in the afternoon … why not?! …..

Something I have to remember in the future, never sit next to the propeller on an airplane! My eardrums will be humming for hours to come …… oh well, the wine is good.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile ....

Life can be overwhelming at times ... the day to day rush can make even the happiest person an irritated witch (yes, I'm referring to myself) ... throw in some bad news and one might feel as if the weight of the world has permanently smothered them into the cold grey concrete beneath (yes, I'm talking about myself) ... over dramatic? ...  not really ....

So the past 24 hours has brought some crappy news my way that has most definitely shattered my heart into itty bitty pieces ... but this morning I found something that made me smile, a little something that I appreciated and am grateful for ...  So I thought Id share ...

My tea!  This is a 'blooming tea" ... a hand-tied artisan tea. While its steeping the tea blooms into a romantic masterpiece. 

My fav is Strawberry Misaki from Teavana ... its White tea, a Tiger Lily blossom scented with strawberries and it tastes as good as it looks ... one tea bloom is good for 15 cups of tea ....

Welcome to my home ... my daughter gave me this tea pot for my birthday so I can see my blooms (thanks Daisey, Im loving youuuuu!) .... The platter belonged to my nana ... she was a huge tea drinker ... funny how we end up inheriting things like that from our family members ... she also loves hats (me, me, me)  and sparkly jewelry (me, me, me) .

This is the tea I had this morning ... called Peace ... white tea with Jasmin ...

In conclusion ... sometimes we just have to move on ... bad news comes without warning, its ok to get upset, its ok to 'feel' and 'react' we can not blame ourselves for that ... but we also have to realize that there are so many things to appreciate in life ... even the small things ... let the heavy and dark go and enjoy the good!  .....

ok so Im not reaaaally that zen, Im still completely bummed by my bad news ... but this is damn good tea :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

.. Pretty is addictive ....

Its strange how I'll find something beautiful and become completley addicted to it ... In this case its a perfume from Etsy ... They are from Illuminated Perfume .. "Art in a bottle, Joy For The Soul" .. (organic to boot)

I am a Vanilla Brown Sugar kind of girl ... so the scent of these perfumes took me aback at first.  Frankincense. Fir, Amber, Champa .... love at first sniff .. not really

But the scents became addictive ... soon I grew to love them, even my husband said they smelled amazing!!  I couldnt figure out why I was infatuated with smelling like Frankincense ... but its wonderful!

So this is one of my favorites .. "Sierra Solid Gold" ... Spice, Fir and you got it ... Frankincense!!!  (addicted)

Just as wonderful is "Peace"  ... main notes are Vanilla (happy dance)  and Champa ...

"Vera" is enchanting as well with its Lavender & Wood notes ...

Illuminates Perfume offers cute little sample jars like the ones Iv shown above ... in sets of 3, 5 & 9 ... She also has this vintage style locket if you want to get fancy!

Iv heard theres a new chocolate series ... Im on that!

"A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future." ~  Coco Chanel ..... a little extreme Coco ... a little extreme!  ~ :)