Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vintage Treasure Hunt in Montreal a Success! :)

As Martha Stewart would say ... good things ...

It was a cold (cooooooold) sunny day in Montreal ... Walking the streets I could feel my toes going numb beneath me (where were my Sorels?)  but I was determined to reach the vintage shops I had set out to find ... and it was well worth it!

YESSSSS, antique heart lockets and a pearl hat pin ...
So first I'm wondering why the lady who owned this locket has 2 men's pics in her heart (maybe 1 is dad)
Second ... doesn't the guy on in the sepia pic look like Christian Bale (the actor) ..hmm lucky lady :)

Onyx, filigree & Czechoslovakia crystal ... check out the detail in the glass pendant very art deco

Ahhhh Amethyst

pearls and gloves ... reminds me of  Breakfast at Tiffany's


...and this is just the start up, guy stuff.  A fellow actor I was shooting my Mocap film with was treasure hunting with me and he bought some seriously cool vintage dood jewels!! 
... to be continued!


  1. wow, these are some beautiful treasures!

    (said with only a modicum of envy for not being able to go treasure hunting in Montreal ;-)

  2. haha, I know, I guess I could go antique hunting in any town, but Montreal is so romantic it seem like everything I find is fabulous!

    Dude Jewels ... theres something great about a gut who can pull off jewels without looking like he's from Jersey Shore :)

  3. wow! you have great finds there! your newest follower here ^^)