Wednesday, January 12, 2011

.. Pretty is addictive ....

Its strange how I'll find something beautiful and become completley addicted to it ... In this case its a perfume from Etsy ... They are from Illuminated Perfume .. "Art in a bottle, Joy For The Soul" .. (organic to boot)

I am a Vanilla Brown Sugar kind of girl ... so the scent of these perfumes took me aback at first.  Frankincense. Fir, Amber, Champa .... love at first sniff .. not really

But the scents became addictive ... soon I grew to love them, even my husband said they smelled amazing!!  I couldnt figure out why I was infatuated with smelling like Frankincense ... but its wonderful!

So this is one of my favorites .. "Sierra Solid Gold" ... Spice, Fir and you got it ... Frankincense!!!  (addicted)

Just as wonderful is "Peace"  ... main notes are Vanilla (happy dance)  and Champa ...

"Vera" is enchanting as well with its Lavender & Wood notes ...

Illuminates Perfume offers cute little sample jars like the ones Iv shown above ... in sets of 3, 5 & 9 ... She also has this vintage style locket if you want to get fancy!

Iv heard theres a new chocolate series ... Im on that!

"A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future." ~  Coco Chanel ..... a little extreme Coco ... a little extreme!  ~ :)



  1. How funny, I never heard that quote before, lol.

  2. Hi! So glad I found you through twitter. You have a lovely blog!
    The perfume is so sweet and feminine, I'm going to check out that shop.
    Your hair candy is so beautiful! That big pink rose is just too much! I adore things like that!