Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 2 in Montreal .. More Vintage Finds and Mocap Craziness

Well its week 2 in Montreal .. Lucky for me Iv had a chance to return home for a few dayz and unload all my finds.  My carry was packed.  

The hotel Im staying at is this super cool boutique joint packed with crazy vintage fun.  I have a feeling thats fueling my hunt.
This is a shot from my hotel .... yes thats a huge black marble horse lamp ?!... 

Mocap (Motion Capture) picture of the week .... recap:  Im playing a Polish sniper for a new Ubisoft video game ... this was fun times, 2 hours with electrical tape covering my mouth  being tortured by 'bad guys'

Vintge Hunt ...  I'v found lots of beautiful vintage and antique treasures .. but Im super excited about this ... antique fabric .... !!

Antique Tulle .... oh my gosh! Pink, Blue .... GREEEEEN! 


Antique Lace ...
All is fine and well, beautiful fabrics, enchanting and romantic , as i sit in my hotel room looking down at yards and yards or prettiness ... i wonder, what the hell am i going to do with it?!  Am I really creative enough to make something wonderful out of this?!  Can I somehow arrange this on my head to become a pretty hair accessory?!  I don't know, but Ill have fun trying :)

ahhh ... the most gigantic bottle of Dom Perignon ever  ..
this is how actors are paid for being gagged and bound all day ~
sounds good to me :)

today I'm loving this song ....


  1. LOVE your ETSY! Enchanting!!!My Favorite

    Come and visit me !