Monday, May 27, 2013

365 Days of Pinterest Day 22 - DIY SIDEWALK PAINT :)

Cute Cute Cute 

Day 21 of my 365 days of testing interesting Pinterest Pins and this is one for the family :)  .. Sidewalk Paint!!!  Yup sidewalk paint not sidewalk chalk .. 

why do we do these things?.....

so they will "GET OFF YOUR PHONEEEEE!!!"

Corn Startch
Food color
Paint brushes .. big ones from the dollar store will do
a cupcake tin
bowl for mixin

Start by mixing one part water and one part corn startch in a big bowl ...

I let my nieces and nephews do this in the backyard .. I think mixing the concoctioin was just as fun if not more fun then actually painting with it ..

mix mix mix

put your 'paint' in a cupcake baking tin

drop in your food color .. do you know that McCormick and Betty Crocker both have neon food coloring!!!!  Perfect!

stir stir stir

 paint away

at first you may think that its not working as it will look a little translucent and lack color .. 

but as it dries ... then the real color comes out 

 .... Pants are optional

.... Dogs are a must

Pretty :)

Verdict .. great pin .. fun and easy, really works well .. very cheap and easy to clean .. 

can we  talk about the 203 year old home we bought now .. next time ..DIY my 200 year old French Provincial home ... cant wait!!!!
sneak peak ... my foyer!!  .... we have not moved in yet and the rest of the home is covered in ceiling to wall wallpaper .. so I may be hesitant to share those photos :)

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