Monday, July 11, 2016

Magic Water Fairies, Being The Change & Watermelon Mint Water :)

I think its good to stay aware of current events.  Whats happening around the globe.  I believe its important to get involved and stand for injustices and causes you believe in.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Change wont come if we leave it to other people.  So I live by my beliefs and I fight against social injustices every day.  But this can be a very dark and upsetting place.  

We have to keep in mind that there is good in the world.  Beauty in the world.  Although the News is a filled with sad and sometimes infuriating events, this is not all we have.  Look around, there is good everywhere.  Good loving people.  The beauty of nature.  So much to enjoy in this life.  
Make magic :)
Spread Magic :)

My grandmother used to make flower fairies for me and float them in her bird bath ... Today I saw these Hollyhocks alongside the road and decided to make some magic.

You'll want to pick a fully bloomed flower and also a bud.  This will be the body and the head.

leave the "neck" on your blossom.  Poke a hole in the "head" bud, and place the head on the neck ..  Float!  walaaa You now have a water fairy ... Hollyhocks come in lavender and pink as well!!

My infused water today is Watermelon, Mint & Cucumber ..  This mint is actually 'strawberry mint"  It really does taste like both berries and mint ... 

And then this happened .. 

signing off is our residnt today .. hes actually huge, I can here him russtleing through the garden all the time .. I should give him a name.

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  1. I'm 4 years late, but I just want to say you really are a kindred spirit. I don't know if you've read Anne of Green Gables but kindred spirits are special people who understand each other on another level. I loved the pictures and the words and it's such a nice feeling of calm and joy to read this and some of the other pinterest posts. I hope youre doing ok with Covid and I hope youre enjoying yourself! <3