Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Goof Within .. My New Coat!

When I get happy, I get goofy .. when I get something new i loooooove ... this is how I react ...

but I love it .. my new cropped jacket .... i loveeeee it!

splurge?  maybe ... marked down from $300 to $100 ... still way out of my typical shopping price range ... but i do just love it so ... 

..... and my cat trys to flee the scene ~ "im out of here!"  :)

the maker of the madness .. Ella Moss Baxter Military Crop Jacket 


  1. Hey lady! Just found your blog :] I'm a new follower! Loving your lace line right now!


  2. That jacket is too cute! And you look adorable in it! :)

  3. Thanks, I agree ... with the mini splurge ~ and thanks for the compliment on my lace line .. I have a few more lacy ideas I need to work on :)

  4. You’re hilarious! I like your style, actually. It’s very laid-back but somehow has a touch of ‘rock-n-roll.’ You remind me of my younger sister-in-law. She calls herself a fashion diva, but she’s goofy and fun to hang out with.

    Joel Salmon