Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean Style!

In LOOOOOVe with this movie! Geoffrey Rush is incredible ... the entire casts ability to play make believe inspires me as an actor!!

Of course I am all about the pirate style ... 

I picked up quick on Penelope Cruz's style .. pirate indeed but it had a sexy gypsy edge ... so inspiration strikes, my ancestors being gypsies from Bohemia / Romania lend a hand to that ....  I am off to find as many vintage boho head scarves and sassy sexy hats as I can ... these are a few pieces I have now that have the sexy Gypsy edge ..  

but I need more of a pirate feel now ... Im off to see what I can find ... arrrrrrrrrrr!!!


  1. wow great post :) thnks so much for your perfect treasuries:) xxxx

  2. Total dudeness! And right next to Pirates! RRRRRRR!

  3. I am a huge fan of pirates too! Before I met my fiance 2 years ago, I used to go around telling everyone I was marrying Captain Jack. LOL. Now I strive to sell lots of pirate-themed goodies in my shop. LOVE that red number you have above. Gorgeous!!