Monday, October 28, 2013

365 Days of Pinterest Day 24 ~ DIY ZOMBIE schoolgirl costume!!!

365 Days of Pinterest Day 24 ~ DIY ZOMBIE schoolgirl costume!!!

ahhh Halloween, I love it so much I even gave birth to my daughter on Oct 31! My little pumpkin .. This costume was actually from last Halloween, but it is my favorite so I want to share... I found a pin on pinteret for the Zombie schoolgirl .. it was a costume from Spirit Halloween.  Of course the skirt was much shorter and the shirt was hiked up past the belly button .. so I scowered the second hand stores in my neighborhood and loved what I came out with 

What you'll need
-'Zombie' Contact Lenses from Spirit Halloween ... you can also purchase them here
-plaid skirt
-white button up
-tall white socks
-little jacked
-neck tie
-fake blood.  I like this kit because it has the blood you can put in your mouth and alo the blood you can splatter on your cloth 
-I used this flesh latex makeup on my hubby .. really easy to use
- white grey red and black makeup for shading

original costume from Spirit

The contacts are what really made the costume complete.  There are some cheaper brands then the link I provided above, but they are not as thick so the color is not as strong.  Its worth it to invest in the good ones, not only for the color, but they are thicker and less likely to tear .. they also last for 3 years if stored properly where the others last for 21 day .. 

 face .. I started with my normal makeup and then applied white and grey to my skin .. black and then red around the eyes .. black at the cheekbone for the unkin in look .. then comes the blood .. I flicked it on my face for the splattered I just bit into a juicy leg effect and then dripped it out of my mouth.

the steps are pretty basic ... cut up your close creating frays and jagged edged .. splatter with blood ... wa laaaaa!!

I ate my husband wish didn't make much sense because zombies dont eat zombies .. but ok 

my sister in law is awesome!!!

this was my daughters dead rag doll costume from a few years back .. pretty fun ")

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