Tuesday, November 19, 2013

365 Days of Pinterest Day 26 DIY Christmas Tree Snowglobe Necklace!!

Snow Globe DIY Christmas Tree Snowglobe Necklace!

 Yay!!!  Im almost at the end of my home renovations and Im so happy to finally have a little more time on my hands .. for crafting!  Recap .. I just bought a gorgeous 203 year old Colonial style home 4 months ago, we've had 120 days for massive home reno's ... its almost done!!!  I'll show you all my before and afters pics soon .. 

Iv decided all my crafting posts from now until Christmas will be DIY holiday gifts!  Iv seen so many amazing things on Pinterest I cant wait to try so lets begin .. 

Here they come! ....


What you will need:
~ small trees.  I found my trees at the dollar store but I also saw them in the diorama isle at Michaels. 
~ Small bottles, again I found my bottles at the dollar store (with beads in them) but I also saw them at Michaels in the 'Idea-Ology' line or you can get them here from Etsy  http://www.etsy.com/listing/112283804/10-small-glass-bottles-with-cork-and?ref=shop_home_feat
~ necklace finding and chain (Michaels ... my second home)
~  fine white or iridescent glitter, I used the Martha Stewart Craft Essentials 24 pack from Michaels .. use your coupon 40% off  :)
~ E6000 Glue or a Glue gun if you are a fast mover (I used E6000 because I was working with my nieces and nephews)
~wire clippers
~ toothpick

 I like to set some of the more difficult crafts I do with children "buffet" style.  I take one child at a time and we go down the line, each step layed out in order .. I find that kids really love the individual attention and time you spend with them one on one .. makes them feel special .. and they are.  Also if you have a more difficult or messy craft you can make sure 5 kids aren't sticking their hands in bowls and flinging glue and glitter at each other .. :)

 first trim the top of your tree off ... size up the tree next to your bottle to see what height you need then clip of the top.


glue the base of your tree.  Either E600 glue wich you will have to wait about 5 min to dry firm enough to continue or a glue gun for immediate gratification :)

I used E6000 so my niece could put the tree in herself .. sense of accomplishment .. priceless 

There she is .. tree in jar .. next up ... glitter ...

I put the glitter in a little bowl so the kids could pinch it out with their fingers and drop little amounts in the jar 

or if your plying solo .. sprinkle away 

next attach your necklace finding and loop to your cork top.  I trimmed mine with the wire clippers, dipped the end in E6000 for extra hold and then put it in the top.

attach to chain .. 
Walaa!!  The prettiest little tree in a bottle you've ever seen  A gorgeous gift!

In the first photo you see the necklace the children made with the glitter tree,  I used a more natural snow covered tree in mine below

 Verdict .. super fun and easy craft!  We all loved it .. inexpensive supplies .. makes a really nice whimsical winter gift .. have the kids give it to their teachers .. A+

Heres the original Pin .. thanks for the awesome inspirations!

Find of the week ...
I love this little birdie plate I picked up from Home Sense .. In the USA the store is called Home Goods .. I used it when I had my family over to serve little chocolate truffles my mother had made .. 

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  1. I love this craft! I'm definitely making this! We have a cute antique shop that has inexpensive glass bottles like those. I'm also impressed with the fact you took on such a project- 365 projects!! Good luck!