Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 27 Snowglobe Reindeer

Day 27 Reindeer Holiday Snowglobe 

Im so excited Christmas is coming I want to make all sorts of pretty whimsical gifts for family and friends .. so all my crafting from here to Christmas will be lovely holiday treats! I bought these super cute little reindeer and some 'reindeer moss' .. thats what its called.  I decided to make snow globes with them since I loved the little necklace so much.

What you will need
~ mini reindeer.  I found mine at AC Moores but around his time of year you can find pretty miniatures everywhere .. (I also found thise teeny trees and snowmen)
~ Reindeer Moss .. most craft stores carry this .. its real moss .. so pretty
~ glue gun
~ Jar .. I used a baby food jar but if you want to get fancy Michaels has all different shapes and sizes.
~ Snow dust (craft store)
~ fine white glitter (craft store, I used Martha's)
~ Burlap .. I bought this gorgeous burlap with gold threads running through it at Michaels .. sparkle sparkle
~ Hemp Twine, Michaels .. also has gold and copper threads running through it :)
~ I tiny piece of wood

Lets begin
You'l be creating your scene on the lid of the jar.  Start by making sure your wood fits into the lid and the jar still closes on top.  The wood will give your reindeer a little height so he does not get lost under the lid.  Glue on your wood with a glue gun .. make sure the top is flush with the lid or your deer will stand crooked.


Next glue your deers we little hoofs to the wood ..

Begin to moss ify.  I took very small bits of moss, dropped a little glue on the bottom and added them to my wood and lid. 

 Make sure you do not add to much so your lid can still close when the jar is placed on top.

pretty .. now let it snow .. add your snow dust.

... now a little magic shimmer, what is a craft without glitter??  

I added these tiny red sequins as well .. I wanted a pop of color that looked like berries.

Now measure your lid on the burlap.  I traced it with a pencil, but Martha has a disappearing marker that I need to get, perfect for something like this. 

cut about 1/2" around the circle or whatever length will cover your jars lid.

look at the pretty sparkle!

Now small sections at a time apply your glue and attach your burlap to your lid.

Tie on your hemp .. of course you can use and string or ribbon your like ..

shake a little to get a shimmering storm started around your deer .. the glitter will catch on the glass just enough for the whimsy effect.

Walaa . so pretty!  Your reindeer snow globe.  

favorite thing ('these are a few..');

... love this over sized clock I just found at Home Sense .. Im doing the French Provincial look for my new house .. my husband just put in those hardwood floors you see and that beam is made of 200 year old barn wood we found when we removed a wall (along with lath and plaster, my new house is 203 years old)

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