Wednesday, February 13, 2013

365 Days of Pinterest Day 13 ~ DIY Wobisobi Heart Ring

Wobisobi Heart Ring

Day 13 of my 365 Days of Pinterest Pins ... Well I actually made this last week in honor of Valentines Day ... 

Here is the original post


Wire; I used  20 Gage PINK wire from Michaels .. ooo la la PINK :)
Wire Clippers
Round nose pliers
A candle
measuring tape

cut a 3" piece of wire (the original post had 4" but we preferred a smaller heart)

make a V

use your fingers to bend the wire into a heart .. remember it does not have to be perfect .. thats the charm of the ring 

wrap the wire around the other.. three times .. you may need to use your pliers do press down the wire so it does not scratch you.

measure another wire for your ring 6"long

My daughter and her friends making their ring :) 

 wrap your wire around your heart

three times 

You can dooo it!!!!

place your ring on your finger to measure 

crimp your wire were to the size youd like

now place your ring on your candle to make it nice and round

wrap the wire around your heart three times like you did on the opposite side 


wa laaa .. truuuuueee love 

Verdict ... loved it!  FUn pin .  it was fairly easy ... we had 2 dicards that were shapped more liks blob then hearts but the wire i cheap and there alot of it so not a problem .. I liked the results useing the pink wire alot .. so far Iv gotten compliments on it everywhere i go ... GOOD PIN :)_

Thanks to Juan, Dagmara & Daisey for being my blog stars :)

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