Saturday, February 2, 2013

395 Days of Pinterest Day 10 ~ DIY Painted Shoes

Upcycled Painted Shoes!
pss .. all the shoes here are on sale in my shop .. woo hoo!

Day 10 of my 385 Days of Pinterest .. DIY Up-cycled Painted Shoes .. I actually made these all on Day 4 when I did the Glitter Pumps .. hehe ..   So I saw this pin and thought about all the shoes I have that could use a little 'sass' and that's exactitude what they got!

~ Shoes, be it heels or flats there is always a pair of shoes in need of a little more funk
~ white fabric paint, buy 'soft or matte' not 'gloss'
~ color acrylic paint of your choice 
~ rubbing alcohol and pads
~ hockey tape / electrical tape
~ Indoor / Outdoor sealer

Grab your shoes (I will be using a few different shoes in my photos, sorry I didn't take before pics).  
Clean the surface you will be painting with alcohol.  This will prep the area for paint.

Use your electrical tape to tape around the area you will be painting to prevent paint from running.   Dont try to use any other tape .. Electrical tape seal the little nooks and crannies perfectly and can hug every curve on the shoe.

First use your white fabric paint as a primer.  I used Tulip soft fabric paint (make sure you don't use 'gloss')

You will only need one coat of the primer fabric paint.  


After this has dried (30 min.)  Apply the colored acrylic paint you have chosen.  I used Plaid Acrylic Paint. (soft pink and gold!)

When this has dried (1 hour) apply your gloss / sealer.  I used Plaid Outdoor gloss sealer.


 After this, remove your tape and wa laaaaa~  Finished

ps I made all the shoe liners as well .. but we can cover that another time. :)

Verdict, I loved this pin .. made these shoes fabulous!!!  Go nuts, express yourself :)

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