Saturday, February 2, 2013

365 Days of Pinterest Day 9 ~ Rainbow Ombre Nails

Rainbow Ombre Nails

Day 9 of my 365 Days of Pinterest I'v chosen a beauty pin .... Rainbow Ombre Nails .. I'm not a Nail Gal .. as you can tell by the nubs I have on the end of my fingers, but this pin looked like fun, plus I wondered if it would really turn out as nice as the photo in the original pin ...

Here is the original pin from Pinterest

Nail Polish ... Iv chosen to stick with the original colors. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue
Cosmetic Sponge
Elmers Glue
Q Tips
Nail Polish Remover

I actually attempted this 3 times (Oy!) and fine tuned it a bit each time. 

Lets Begin .. 

                Paint Your Nails with a white base ...  

Glue Time ... This is an interesting tip I actually found on Pinterest .. 

... paint glue onto the skin surrounding your nails .. when this dries you will be able to peel it off and the skin around your nail will remain clean .. The coat of glue should be thick enough to form a film, but not so thick that it will take too long to dry.  I let my glue dry for 10 min .. tedious but worth it.

Take your nail polish and paint small lines on the sponge .. * at first I had the red polish by my cuticle and it actually looked like blood :(   so I reversed the color order the second time around 

Press the sponge onto your finger nail .. the key is to let the polish soak into the sponge before you apply it ... then you get the spray painted effect .. if the polish is laying on the top of the sponge unsoaked it just ends up looking like stripes on your nails 

wait for the polish to dry then peel off your glue ..

Presto!!  Pretty Rainbow Nails .. 

 So it wasnt that easy .. Like I said it took three times for my nails to look like this .. things I learned .. start with a white base .. use the glue trick to keep nails clean .. if your nail polish brushes are fat use a thin paint brush to apply the line of polish to the sponge .. let the paint soak into the aponge before applying.  I repainted the sponge after every third nail for a more vibrant look .. but if you want a subtle look, just keep reusing the sponge without re applying the polish .. 

Verdict .. now that I know how to do it well .. I do love the look ..  You can use any colors you want .. I did a blue ombre with three shade of blue .. very cool ..  Downside .. it takes forever .. at least it seemed like forever to a non Nail Gal like me .. anyoo .. great pin .. fun results :)

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