Thursday, January 31, 2013

365 Days of Pinterest Day 8 ~ Origami Balloon Twinkle Light

Pin 8
Origami Balloon Twinkle Lights

 For pin #8 I choose something I know I'll love, Origami Twinkle lights .. I actually made these for my daughter last Christmas   I saw them on Etsy and again thought to myself ... I can DIY this!  This is one of my favorites so far .. I just love twinkle lights!  


~origami paper ;  I purchased a pack of 10 from Micheal's for $12 ... I know I choose the most expensive paper .. but its lovely!!  There is also large packs of 50 for $15 and smaller packs of 15 for $10.
~twinkle lights ~ I choose white cord 'icicle' lights

my paper is very thin with great detail ... I knew the light would look gorgeous glowing through this.

Begin with your paper lying flat

 fold your paper tip to tip ... crease well and then open it

Do the same in the opposite direction, tip to tip then open it again .. you will have an 'x' folded into your paper .. this is called mountains and valleys :)

Fold your paper down in half

Bring the upper right corner in as shown

repeat on the other side .. remember to press down firmly along each fold 

Fold the flaps to the top as shown on both left and right side

This is what your paper should look like so far

 Flip it over and repeat on the other side to make a diamond shape (press creases firmly)

Fold the right and left corners to the center of the diamond

flip and repeat on the opposite side

Tuck the loose flaps into the folds you just made and press crease firmly .. 

Flip and repeat on the opposite side (you will do this twice on each side)

at the end of the diamond that you did not tuck the flaps into you will have a hole.  

 Blow into the hold to inflate your balloon :)

There you have it!

 now stick your twinkle light into you balloon .. I actually secured them with a small drop of glue gun glue.

  wa laaa!!  pretty glowing whimsical lights!


Verdict .. Great pin .. at first it may seem confusing  but once you get the hang of the folding you can complete a balloon in under 2 min .. its actually really relaxing to make them, especially if you are working with all sorts of gorgeous papers ..  and the lights are so pretty .. I have them in my living room, they add such a pretty warm glow .. YAY!!  awesome pin :)

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