Thursday, January 24, 2013

395 Days of Pinterest ~ Day 3 Heart Cut Out Shirt

395 Days of Pinterest ~ Day 3 

DIY Heart Cut Out  Cradigan / Shirt

Iv wanted to try this for a while.  Saw the pin floating about Pinterest ....

What you'll need

~ An old sweater, cardigan, dress or T shirt ... I did them all  :)
~ sharp scissors
~ white chalk
~ Fray Check
~ trim (lace, studs, ect)
~ paper for heart pattern .. I used a thick card stock and a magazine cover

First things first aromatherapy and tea .. always how I start my project .. 

White Ayurveda Chai Tea from Tevana ... a gift from my hubby .. its spicy and warm like cinnamon and cloves .. I don't taste the pineapple and coconut but I enjoy it on cold snowy days :)


chill pill by Aura Cacia .. lavender and chamomile. This always puts me in a good mood :)

now begin

1. Make your paper heart pattern .. this is where I went wrong at first.  I made it too big and the heart did not have a sharp enough 'dip' n the center .. so when the shirt was worn it just looked like a cut out blob instead of a heart ..  not cute

WHAT NOT TO DO~ this was my unsuccessful  pattern .. it was large and the heart had a subtle dip ... 

You can see in this pic the heart end very close to the edge of the sweater ... 
I had to reinforce the sweater with a panel of sheer mesh to keep its shape .. 

WHAT TO DO ~ this is the good pattern .. the dip is deeper so the heart is more accentuated .. the heart itself was smaller as well ....

you can see here that there is a good 3" - 4" between were the heart ends and material

2. trace your heart with white chalk

3.  Cut out your heart  .. I saved my cut outs for future projects .. I'm thinking cute heart pillows or something fab and fuzzy

5. lay some paper under your hear and apply fray check to the edges to prevent ... yep ... fraying :)

let them dry ... let them allllllll dry!!!   
10 min should do for the thin T's 
A sweater takes about 45 min since you will be applying ALOT of fray check to soak the edges .. 

You can stop here if you'd like ... or get fancy and ..... 

6.  .... Apply trim ... I used lace for my sweaters since the fray check made the edges 'crusty' and unsightly .. so I wanted to cover them up.  Pin the lace into place and sew away

For the thinner fabrics and T shirst I left the exposed edges to be seen .. I like the raw deconstructed look .. and I trimmed them with some 'studs' very cool.  I used 'E-6000' glue because it holds forever (but its a pain to work with so Aileens Gem tack would do as well ...) 

I went another step further which is not necessary but I like to play .. I sewed stretch lace strips behind the heart of 2 of my edgier shirts

and there you have it ... DIY Heart goodness .. a fun project I must say

ps I sell these in my vintage shop :)

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