Tuesday, January 29, 2013

365 Days of Pinterest Day 6 ~ "Balloon Chocolate Ice Cream Bowls"

365 Days of Pinterest Day 6 
"Balloon Chocolate Ice Cream Bowls"

My daughter picked this pin ... Iv never melted chocolate before so I enlisted my mothers help .. a seasoned chocolateire :)

This is the original pin 


Chocolate melting wafers.  I used 2 cups for 6 balloons
Small Balloons / Water Balloons
cooking spray
wax paper

1. Blow up your balloons.  I made them small for smaller bowls .. 

2. Wash and dry balloons, make sure dried well as water drops will seize up the chocolate.  Spray your balloons lightly with non stick cooking spray .. too much spray will make the chocolate slide off.

3.  Place your chocolate in a microwave safe bowl .... 

... I used bars but remade the cups with chocolate melting wafers which worked better .. set firmer.

4. Microwave your chocolate  in sets of 20 seconds.  After each 20 seconds allow your chocolate to sit for 10 seconds.  Then stir and microwave again for 20 sec.  Repeat this process until your chocolate has melted completely.

5.  Spoon a teaspoon of melted chocolate on your wax paper.

6.  DIP!! ... 

7.  Place your dipped balloon onto the chocolate base you spooned onto the wax paper.

8.  Let your balloons set in the refrigerator   As I said, the melting chips set firmer and faster then the chocolate bar.  30 min should do but check to make sure they are firm.

9. pop!

10. Fill :)

Verdict.  Easy and fun!  Remember chocolate melting wafers work better then bars.  We are going to make these with white chocolate and add fresh strawberries and whipped cream in them on Valentines Day!

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