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365 Days of Pinterest Day 4 ~ DIY Glitter Pumps!

365 Days of Pinterest Day 4
DIY Glitter Pumps! 

Day four of my 365 days of Pinterest .. Iv chosen the DIY sparkle pump pin ...  Original Pin ..

I bought a pair of these for my daughters Spring Formal ......  $$$$$$ ....  even back then I thought, "I could DIY this!"  ..... After seeing the pin in Pinterest I gave it a go :)

~ Previously loved pumps
~ Mod Podge (or Craft Glue)
~ Indoor / Outdoor Gloss Sealer
~ paint brush
~ hockey tape (black tape used by hockey players)
~ rubbing alcohol
~ acrylic paint

Start with a pair of previously luved pumps ... I chooe these velvety open toe booties.

Rub down the areas you will be working on with alcohol. I wiped off the heel, bottom of the shoe and toe.  This will prep the area for glue and paint.

Use your hockey tape to tape around the areas you will be glitter - iffying.  You dont want the glue and glitter to creep outside of the area you are working on.  Alot of DIY's call for painters tape, but it doesn't stick and mold well to the shoe.  Electrical tape will damage your shoe.  The hockey tape is perfect.  It gets into each crack and curve.  You can purchase this at Walmart, Target ect or sports stores . .$2 - $5.

Mod Podg the areas you will be glitter- iffying  (you can use gem tack or craft glue as well, just add a little water to thin it out).  I applied the glue with a paint brush to the heels and toes.

Glitter away ... I used Martha Stewarts  Iridescent Hexagon Glitter ... I know most DIY's call for  'fine' glitter but I wanted the chunky disco ball look.   Tip; use the 40% off coupon for Micheal's Craft Store.   You can find it in their online flyer and print it off or bring your Iphone ... glitter is $26+ for the 12 pack.  But its GORGEOUS ... other then that my dollar store has great 'fine' glitter .. 

Let the glitter dry (1 hour) and re touch any areas that seem sparse.  

You will want to keep the tape on your shoe ( I removed it before I took this photo)
Now paint the underside of the shoe if you so desire.  Of course the paint on the underside toe of the shoe will scuff off over time but the paint on the arch will remain and thats the part that will be see.  I use Acrylic Metallic red paint for my shoe.  Let this dry  (2 hours)

Now you are ready to seal it all in.  I use indoor / outdoor gloss sealer because it is water repellent   You can purchase this at Walmart or a Craft store.  Cover your glitter and paint with this sealer.  I did 2 coats.  Let it dry 24 hours before you wear them around.

 Remove your tape and wa laaaaa.

sexy sparkle pumps ..   I enjoyed this project.  I give the pin an A+ ... 

if you like these booties you can purchase them here ..

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