Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 2 ~ 365 Days of Pinterest! "Orange Candle"

Day 2 of my 365 Days of Pinterest.. slowloy working my way through DIY's, recipies, beauty tricks, health tips and morrrrrrrre!!!  

Today I chose the "DIY Orange Candles.  Just add olive oil and light"  ... ok, will do.

You'll need an orange, knife, olive oil and a lighter ... what are the odds of this working .. in my house the bet was 50/50 ... 

do not cut the orange in half .. my bad

instead cut the skin midway, not the orange.  Take your finger and gently peel the skin away from the fruit making sure not to rip off the inside stem as it will be your wick.  
I separated the outside skin from the orange first .. keeping the orange in tact .. then I carefully removed the inside section by section making sure to keep the stem attached to the bottom of he orange.

wa la ... only took 2 attempts .. 

add your olive oil .. about 3/4 from the top.  Dip the stem of the orange into the olive oil .. then straighten it up again.  I twisted the end together with my fingers.

light ... the tension is mounting ....

attempt 1 .. flame fizzled out but we gave it another shot and there was fire :)

The light was dim at first, a bit disappointing .. but after a few minutes it really had a nice warm glow and the entire orange illuminated!!!

heres my twist ... I didnt like the smell of the oil so I added an essential oil!  I love this one .. 'Chill Out" by Aura Cacia.  Chamomile and Lavender ... Im so chilled ..  My candle burned all night!

So pin test #2 another success!!!  I love my orange candle .. I read you can use any citrus fruits  ... I used a clementine since its small and the skin is thin . I wanted to see it illuminate, and it did.  I bet a green lime, yellow lemon and pink blood orange would look so pretty together on one plate!  Ill try it this summer at one of our outdoor gatherings :) 

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  1. hmmmm thinking of doing a 365 days of pinterest myself. well let's make it 10 days for now. so far all i've done is pin and pin and pin. and pin. and pin some more.