Sunday, March 3, 2013

365 Days Of Pinterest Day 18 - DIY Pretty Lace Bowls

DIY Pretty Lace Bowls

Day 18 of my
365 Days of Pintetest I chose the pretty lace bowl pin ... 

 say Hello to my little friend ... Hope ... and my new nesting tables! :)

~Doilies (I found mine and the local second hand store
~ Glue ( I used Elmers & Aileens)
~ food coloring if you want to color them

First I dyed my doilie .. I love blue.  A few drops of food coloring and warm water will do .. pop the doilies in the dryer to set the color.

wear gloves :)

mix your glue and water.  I tweaked the original pin.  I used 3 TBS glue to 6 TSP water. 

Dipity Do.  Soak your doilies in the glue solution real good.

Blow up your balloon to the desired bowl size and lay your doily on top.  I placed my balloon in a bowl for support.

pay attention to spread out the ends so you can see the pretty design.

now wait for your doilies to dry .. I actually waited 24 hours to be safe.


wa laaa

I love seeing the details to each different doily .. like a snowflake

Verdict .. Fun, Easy and pretty.

I love the results!!  I also made the doily lantern wich was equally as fun and easy .. will blog that as well .. 

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