Sunday, February 24, 2013

365 Days of Pinterest Day 17 Baked French Toast with brown Sugar Sauce

Baked French Toast with Brown Sugar sauce ..... MMMMMMM!!

Day 17 of my 365 Days of Pinterest and its a Thumbs up to this pin .. 
I tweaked the original recipe alot .. so read on ... 


1cup melted butter
2 cups of brown sugar
 Texas Toast  or any thick bread (10 slices)
4 Eggs
1 1/2 cup milk
1 tsp Vanilla
Powdered sugar for sprinkling

2 ~ 9 x 13 pans

pre heat oven at 350 

Melt butter in microwave and add brown sugar .. mix 

I discovered my ikea mixing bowl was not microwavable .. mehhh ... throw out mixture, begin again :) 

Pour butter sugar mix into pans


Beat Eggs Milk and Vanilla


Lay your bread in your pan ..  I cut them in sections like french toast sticks

Spoon your egg mixture on top of the bread.

Let sit for 1/2 hour so the bread can absorb the mixture.

Bake at 350 for 45 min or until bread is golden brown .. 

sprinkle with powdered sugar if you'd like .. 


enjoy :)  

What I love about this is that all the french toast is done at once .. no standing at the stove forever flipping pieces and serving a few at a time .. pop em in the oven .. serve everyone at once .. eat .. enjoy

Verdict; LOVE this pin ... smells so good .. easy to make ..  I wouldn't say it really tasted like the french toast you make in a pan at all ... it is very sweet so taste before you add syrup .. I think the recipe would be perfect with some fresh fruit .. simmer strawberries with a bit of oj and sugar and make a nice warm fruit sauce .. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

365 Days of Pinterest Day 16 ~ Beach Glass Mason Jars

Beach Glass Mason Jars

wooo hooo day 16 of my 365 Days of Pinterest ... and I bought my first house!  .. umm , okay I know thats off the subject but just had to say ... I'll get back into that in later blog post .. (200 year old Heritage Home DIY all the way!!!!!) ... back to the matter at hand ..

Sea Glass .. I love this pin!  but there was ALOT of tweaking to be done from the original Pinterest Post so lets begin!

mason jars (or any glass item you'd like to paint)
Elmers Glue
food coloring

I had some canning jars from pickle making days .. I also peeled back the labels on some jars in my fridge and found many of them to be pretty darn charming 

I soaked my food jars in super hot soapy water for 10 min ... labels peeled of easily

~ use one 1 part glue to 1/2 part water ..  1 tbs glue, 1/2 tbs water ... the amount you use depends on the amount of glass you will be painting
(the original pin called for 1 tsp glue 2 1/2 tsp water .. not gonna work, it was thin and separated on the glass)

add your food color .. I used one drop per color

make sure your glass is dry .. water will cause it to separate

paint away ... 

after letting the jars sit a few min I saw a few little spots were the glue had separated so I painted over them again .. no extra paint, just a dry brush ..

 this is how it will look as its drying, streaky, but dont fret .. the streaks will go away as it dries

my curious cat Monkey.. (once a stray now a prince, my prince ) .. 

wa laaaaa!!

are you kidding me, I never imagined they would turn out so GORGEOUS!

(flowers from my hubby on Valentine day )


WARNING .... You drop any water on these and they are ca puut!  and there is no way of waterproofing them .. I covered one in a glaze and it changed the look completely .. turned it clear  ..

So no water .. and they are very fragile .. cats knocked mine onto the ground and the glue / paint peeled of .. other then that they are GORGEOUS and so easy to make .. 

Verdict; Fun, Easy, Cheap, Beautiful .. they catch the light and glow so nice!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

365 Days of Pinterest Day 15 ~ DIY GLITTER Magnets!


Day 15 of my 365 Days of tenting out Pinterest Pins ...
"its no secret that I'm a big fan of glitter (and glitters cousin sequin" ... and that is the truth .. Iv been wanting to do this pin for a long time .. Glitter Magnets .. of course you can really do anything you want with the glitter stones when you are finished ... all you need is a glue gun and some imagination .. but lets stick to the task at hand ...

The original pin

What You Will Need
~ Clear flat back 'marbles'  The glass dome you can find at the craft store or dollar store.  Make sure they are clear, if the have an opal or pearl glaze they wont work.
Strong magnets ... they have to hold the weight of the glass dome
~ E6000 Glue .... the mother of all glues .. (from Walmart or Micheals)
~ GLITTER!!!  I used both the expensive and fabulous Martha Stewart Octagon Glitter (thank you Martha) and semi fine dollar store glitter ..
~A paint brush .. 
~Varnish (I used Folkart)
~Little Helpers ( I had all my nieces and nephews help .. it was a blast .. )

I set up all my gliter fabulousness in little bowls in a line .. I took one child at a time for the glitter dipping so things didnt get messy ..


Maddy Moustached the glitter :)

put a dab of glue on the back of your glass dome .. spread it with a paint brush (3 mm thick)

dip your dome in glitter!  You can keep the colors solid or multi dip, get creative .. 

Mary :)



let your glitter domes dry about 3 hours .. we put them on papers with each kids name .. 

when your glitter is dry seal the backs with a layer of varnish . 

Get a helper like my nephew Mikey!!!  He was awesome .. 

He even used a rag to help me wipe off any excess varnish that dripped to the front .. what a man!!!
Give the varnish another hour to dry .. if you need to speed er up use a blow dryer .. 

now take your E600 glue and attach your magnets .. I forget to photograph this step so bam!

more cute pics of my awesome family!

let that glue dry and WALAAAA!!!!


Verdict ... AWESOME!!  TIPS .. no glue gun .. it wont hold .. I found only E6000 worked and we used weak magnets at first that didn't hold either .. so get the good glue and the strong magnets .. 
I actually made a necklace out of one of my glass domes to .. Ill update this post tomorrow and show you .. we thought about using the dome and knobs on a dresser and gluing them to a picture frame .. 


Here is the fabulous necklace I made with my 'shimmer rock"  I purchased a few bezels from Etsy .. "Lace Edge Bezel Cups 35mm"  4 for $2.80.

I hung a cute star charm on it after the photo .. :)  magical